My Google Scholar account can be found here.

My Erdös number is 4 (J.Reichardt – L.Zdeborová – M.Loebl – P.Erdös or E.Terzi – H.Mannila – B.Bollobás – P.Erdös).

[5] On the Role of Triadic Substructures in Complex Networks
M. Winkler (2015)
epubli GmbH, Berlin.

[4] Node-Specific Triad Pattern Mining: A Novel Tool for Complex-Network Analysis (Opens external link in new windowarXiv, Initiates file downloadpattern mining program)
M. Winkler and J. Reichardt (2014)
IEEE ICDMW, Data Mining in Networks, p. 605-612.

[3] Motifs in Triadic Random Graphs based on Steiner Triple Systems (Initiates file downloadpdfarXiv)
M. Winkler and J. Reichardt (2013)
Physical Review E, 88(2), 022805.

[2] Pulsed chaos synchronization in networks with adaptive couplings (arXiv)
M. Winkler, S. Butsch, and W. Kinzel (2012)
Physical Review E, 86(1), 016203.

[1] A Spectral Algorithm for Computing Social Balance
E. Terzi and M. Winkler (2011)
8th Workshop on Algorithms and Models for the Web Graph, 1–13. Springer.

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